11057481_963177687026412_2060929453111011767_oI came up with the idea for a pole diversity show almost one year ago. Many people have an idea of what pole dance is, but most do not know what acrobatic pole dance is. My goal is to share this beautiful and empowering form of dance with the community.

Pole Diversity is performed by a manifold group of people, and we encourage anybody and everybody to watch our show. Some of us started out as jazz dancers, or as aerialists, and others began pole with no athletic background. One of our performers is a 15 year old, and several other featured dancers are mothers. We are all coming from different backgrounds, and we’d like to welcome all types of people into our audience. Families and children included!

Pole Diversity debuted in March 2015 as a showcase of the many different styles of acrobatic pole dance. The show featured numerous solo acts by the hard working instructors and advanced students at Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, as well as hand-balancing, tumbling, aerial hoop, and dance routines.

As our cast grows and changes, Pole Diversity will evolve as well. Our second big show is coming up in September and will include many new acts including acrobatic chair and corde lisse.20150117-_DSC8750-Edit

How can you be involved?

11034103_992858444058115_3073911904797953247_nWhether you’re a dancer yourself or someone who appreciates dance, you can become involved! I will be holding auditions for each new run of the show. Further, we always need volunteers to help us out at shows and rehearsals, such as photographers, videographers, stage hands, ticket collectors, and stage managers. Finally, putting on shows are expensive, so financial contributions are always welcome (we’ll make sure you get an awesome reward in return). Contact me for more information about particular opportunities.




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