About Jody


I entered the world of circus arts in 2011. I recall feeling that I had finally found what I was meant to do. Pole dancing strengthens my body and gives me an outlet to express myself. Learning the art of pole dance has been an incredible experience for me, and I want to share my passion with others through performing and teaching. 

I have taught pole dance and aerial hoop in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. I began teaching in 2014 at Aerial Arts Santa Cruz. I am now an instructor for UCSC’s Recreation Department and at SF Pole & Dance. I am a certified XPert Pole Fitness instructor and Spin City Aerial Hoop instructor. My favorite aspect of teaching is finding different ways to teach students with varying backgrounds and bodies. I also enjoy creating my own choreography, combos, and tricks for classes.

I have been performing in pole dance, aerial, and acrobatics since 2014. Choreographing a song for performance is a very meaningful experience for me. It gives me a way to work through emotions and thoughts, and to express something I cannot express in words. I choose a song that moves me in some way, and then I spend hours choreographing it. I put a lot of thought into every move so that I can share a feeling or idea with my audience. I also enjoy bringing new shapes to the stage, particularly back bendy or twisty shapes. I have performed in burlesque shows with Hubba Hubba Revue and Gold Town Burlesque, circus side shows including Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s Twisted Tasting, the Santa Cruz Boardwalk’s summer shows, and the SF Craft Spirits Festival, music festivals including Northern Nights and Organic Fest, parades, theater productions including the Cathedral of Faith’s “In the Name of Love,” Stellaria’s “Fantaerial,” and the 418  Project’s “What is Erotic.” Check out my News page to find out where I’ll be performing next!

I founded Pole Diversity in 2015 and have produced and directed three circus shows. I also choreographed a 10 minute set with Pole Diversity for National Dance Week in Santa Cruz. Find out more about Pole Diversity and how you can get involved on the Pole Diversity page!

In addition to performing, I have competed in pole dance. Competing is stressful, but very instructive. I placed 2nd in the dramatic level 4 division at PAAC in fall 2014 and placed 2nd in the professional division at a regional PDA competition. I won in the amateur division at my first pole dancing competition in Chico in 2012.

I’m always looking for a challenge, and my recent interests include hand balancing, contortion, and partner acrobatics.

Outside of circus arts, I study and teach mathematics. I completed a master’s degree in pure math at UCSC in 2016. I wrote a paper with my research in it titled Torsion of Elliptic Curves over Quadratic Fields. If I’m not training, I’m probably teaching calculus!


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